Material Handling

Can I leave my shipment in my booth after the event closes?

Please be aware that Shepard cannot assume responsibility for unattended items. Once your shipment is packed and labeled for pickup,...

Do I need to fill out anything to have my shipment picked up?

For every outbound shipment, a Material Handling Agreement (MHA) is mandatory, regardless of whether you choose to ship with our...

Do I need to order labor to unload my materials and take them to my booth?

Please complete the material handling request form online with your Shepard-provided login credentials. Go to the “Shipping/Material Handling” tab and...

How can I estimate my material handling charge?

Material handling charges are automatically assessed for all materials that are shipped to your booth. Estimating these costs in advance...

What is a marshaling yard?

A marshaling yard serves as a staging area for carriers who are delivering shipments to the show site.

What is a Material Handling Agreement (MHA)? Why do I need one?

A Material Handling Agreement (MHA) is a document essential for Shepard to manage the transfer of your shipments from the...

What is the difference between shipping and material handling?

Shipping involves a carrier collecting items from your location and delivering them to the advance warehouse or event facility’s dock....

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