How can I save when ordering exhibitor services?

To maximize savings, ensure you place orders online before the discount deadlines for services like furnishings, booth packages, logistics, material...

How do I order labor online?

You can order labor online by logging in with your Shepard-provided credentials and selecting “Labor and Forklift” and then “Labor.”...

How do I order labor to hang my sign in my booth?

Begin by verifying if Shepard is the designated service provider for this labor. Log in online using your Shepard-provided credentials,...

How do I order services from the Exhibitor Manual?

You can order services online by logging in with your Shepard-provided credentials. For assistance, please contact us at [email protected].

What services can I order for my booth?

For a comprehensive list of available items and services, please consult the online Exhibitor Manual using your Shepard-provided credentials. Examples...

Where can I order floral?

If there is a designated floral provider, you can access this information online by logging in with your Shepard-provided credentials...

Who can I contact for technical assistance when ordering online?

For ordering assistance, please contact [email protected].

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