Generate Leads with Interactive Digital Signage

Digital signage is skyrocketing in the event industry because of the attendee engagement value it provides. Digital signage can engage your attendee just as much as a customer service representative, coining the new term “Interactive Digital Signage”. Your customer is now able to engage with your brand in innovative ways with interactive digital signage activations in your booth, on the floor, and even in sessions. These activations elevate your attendee experience, all while providing you with the valuable lead generation data you need to grow.

Recently, Source Point developed a game called the Digital Fishbowl. The Digital Fishbowl game is a fun way to increase, manage and capture leads at your trade show event.

How the Digital Fishbowl works:

Attendees are prompted to enter their contact information to win an advertised prize. Next, they are encouraged to participate in one of 5 engagement activities. The engagement games range from – answering a “question of the day” regarding the customer’s goals to allowing attendees to vote on a tagline that best describes the company. The Digital Fish Bowl provides a fun and creative way to increase traffic, engage attendees, and capture valuable customer insight!

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