April 2024

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By: Alexandra Coffey, Director of Brand Enablement & Sustainability, Shepard This year's Earth Day arrives on the heels of April's solar eclipse, an awe-inspiring phenomenon that served as a powerful reminder - we all share this planet.   When you stop to think about it, the events space, as a facilitator of connections

As an event organizer, you likely have multiple priorities to juggle - creating value for attendees, accommodating sponsors/exhibitors, raising brand awareness, driving revenue, establishing thought leadership, and more. With so many responsibilities, it can be challenging to also focus on designing an immersive branded experience.  However, centering your event experience around

ATLANTA, GA – Shepard, an industry-leading event production provider, teams up with Zenus to introduce an ethical behavior measurement service to its Solutions Network. This collaboration equips Shepard’s customers with aggregated and anonymized data on attendee behavior, providing actionable insights that benefit event organizers, exhibitors, and attendees alike.  Zenus' AI smart