Cassidy Howell, National Account Executive, Shepard Exposition Services

Employee Spotlight: Cassidy Howell, National Account Executive 

Cassidy Howell serves as a National Account Executive at Shepard based in Indianapolis, where she has been a valuable team member for approximately five years. 

How she got her start: Cassidy’s academic background is in trade shows and events, but her fascination with the industry traces back to her childhood. “I was always interested in it growing up,” she recalls. “I would go to a lot of trade shows with my dad, who was in sales, and I thought they seemed really interesting.” 

Once she entered the industry professionally, Cassidy quickly recognized that it complemented her innate strengths and experiences. “I did a lot of related activities growing up, like 4-H, where I discovered my passion for both creativity and logistical thinking,” she explained.  

Why she loves events: The balance between these facets of her personality sustains her passion for the work. “To work in events, you have to be very organized and proactive, able to anticipate all possible scenarios,” she explains. “But with Shepard, I also get to be creative and create engaging activations for people to experience. It’s truly rewarding to see people enjoy the experience in person after all the planning.”

Why she loves working at Shepard: At Shepard, Cassidy values both her colleagues and leadership. “Our leadership team has a strong vision. We have a very diverse company, with a lot of women in leadership in my department, so that is really motivating,” she says.

Additionally, Cassidy values the growth opportunities provided by Shepard, highlighting, “I’m given a lot of independence in my role, allowing me to tailor my work to my strengths, which I really enjoy.”

Memorable moment: One of Cassidy’s standout projects was the 7-Eleven Experience, a significant convention Shepard assisted in producing in early 2023. “I got to work with associates from across the country—the most I’ve ever worked with for one event. I worked with every single department in depth and got to meet so many new people within the company. It really showed me everyone’s commitment to producing successful events for our customers.”

Furthermore, Cassidy remarked, “I got to see Shepard reach new heights in our creativity and capabilities. It was awesome.”

Where she finds inspiration: “I just really enjoy what I do!” she says with a laugh. “It excites me that every day is different. There’s never a slow time or season, and that motivates me. I love staying busy.”

How she spends her free time: Outside of work, Cassidy expertly combines her creative passion (as an avid crafter) with her unwavering determination (she’s a regular marathon runner) and also actively participates in a pickleball league. “My schedule at Shepard is very unique, with me being on the road a lot,” she adds, “It allows me to really cherish the time I have at home and the people I have in my life.”

The advice she’d give her younger self: “Trust and connect with those around you. Don’t feel like success is only on your shoulders. There are people out there to support and help you—use them!”

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