Jordan Steppes, Sales Enablement Coordinator, Shepard Exposition Services

Employee Spotlight: Jordan Steppes, Sales Enablement Coordinator

Jordan Steppes is a sales enablement coordinator at Shepard. Based in Atlanta, she’s been working with the company since October 2022.

How she got her start: Jordan kicked off her career working on the audiovisual side of the industry, where she handled events for Georgia Tech. After five years, she found herself eager to branch out, and started exploring the marketing side of events—which is how she ended up at Shepard. “Marketing was a bit out of my realm, but my now-boss was open to someone having a fresh perspective while still having event experience. She brought me on and showed me the ropes.”

Jordan initially joined the team in 2022 as a proposal development coordinator, but her role soon evolved as she began helping out with presentations, research, resource guides, SOPs, and more. “I wanted to do anything I could to make things easier on the sales team,” she remembers, noting that her role has evolved based on her passions and skillset. “My role now is basically, whatever I can do to help the sales team. It’s all about helping where I can, and just being a true asset to Shepard.” 

Why she loves working at Shepard: To Jordan, being such a valuable resource to her colleagues is her favorite part of the job. “I love my team, and I love coming in and helping the sales team conquer their goals,” she says. “I love helping show our customers that Shepard is such an amazing partner.”

Why she loves events: True to her bubbly personality, Jordan loves the event industry because of the chance to meet new people of so many different backgrounds. “Networking and finding true connections is my favorite thing to do,” she says. 

Memorable moment: Jordan remembers the first time she attended a trade show with the Shepard team. “I worked on the proposal, and I got to see that all come to life,” she says. “Seeing the structures and exhibits and everything was such a special moment for me—it was turning those words on paper into real life.” 

Where she finds inspiration: To Jordan, staying motivated isn’t tricky—she jokingly refers to herself as “my own inspiration.” “I wake up and I’m just excited to take on the day,” she says. “I’m that person who is just ready to cross things off her to-do list, to make things happen.” 

How she spends her free time: Jordan loves spending her time at baseball games (she’s a big Atlanta Braves fan!) and going to music festivals.

The advice she’d give her younger self: “Don’t be so hard on yourself. And let things just flow.”

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