Portrait of Tom Bewsey, Senior National Sales Manager at Shepard

Employee Spotlight: Tom Bewsey, Senior National Sales Manager

Tom Bewsey is a Senior National Sales Manager for Shepard. Based in Indianapolis, he’s been with the company since 2014.

How he got his start: Like many in the industry, Tom discovered his passion for events at a young age. In high school, a friend recruited him for a summer job helping build parade floats and create graphics and banners for trade shows and theme parties. “I kind of grew up in the labor and operations side of it, learning all the different aspects of the industry,” he reflects. “And now, it’s been over 40 years!”

Why he loves events: “I love problem-solving for clients, exhibitors, and even our internal team of account executives,” he explains. “Each day and event present unique challenges with diverse personalities and venues; it constantly keeps you on your toes.”

Why he loves working at Shepard: Tom’s journey with Shepard began around 11 years ago when he crossed paths with the company’s executive chairman, Carl Mitchell, at an event. The two instantly hit it off, discovering they shared numerous mutual friends. “We started talking and I thought, ‘This is a company I could see myself working for,'” Tom recalls.

At the time, Tom was working in the association field, but he was eager to return to general contracting. Seizing the opportunity, he reached out to Carl, and the rest, is history. “What drew me to Shepard was the incredible family atmosphere both internally and externally,” he explains. “I just enjoy working with everyone here because they all embody the right attitude and approach.”

Memorable moments: Tom reflects fondly on several moments early in his tenure at Shepard. “About a year and half into my time at Shepard, I got two big wins: securing the Do It Best and Nationwide PrimeTime [shows] in the same year, which is kind of rare,” he recalls.

Some of that business led to Shepard opening up its Indianapolis branch in 2015. “I worked on helping open our Indy branch, and actually did some general manager work while they were working to bring a GM in,” he explains. “And it’s just been rolling ever since!”

Where he finds inspiration: Tom finds a lot of inspiration in his colleagues, particularly the younger professionals who have joined the company in recent years. “During our big team meeting in December, I loved seeing the young faces and the energy that everyone brings to the company,” he says, jokingly referring to himself as an “old man” at the company.

“Especially during COVID, when I found myself surrounded by the same familiar faces day after day, the influx of new talent brought a much-needed sense of vibrancy and excitement into our work. It really energized me after the slog of the pandemic,” Tom reflects. “The young people, the seasoned veterans—everyone has the right attitude, and that’s what gets us through the late nights and stressful shows.”

How he spends his free time: In his free time, you’ll likely find Tom out on the golf course. He’s also an avid sports fan. “I’m an Indy man, so I love the Colts and the Pacers, and also the Cincinnati Reds,” he says. “I’ve been a sports guy forever.”

The advice he’d give his younger self: Tom offers his younger self three pieces of advice.

  1. Be true to yourself. “A friend of mine, who is a professor at IUPUI, invites me to speak to her tourism class about general contracting once a semester,” he explains. “The one thing I always tell the students is to be true to yourself, because everyone can tell if you’re not being genuine. Life is too short for that.”

  2. Set goals. “For a while, I didn’t do that, and I paid for it by spinning my wheels,” he remembers. “I’ve found that when I set goals, I can reach them and then set new ones. Just keep moving forward.”

  3. Give back whenever you can. “I’ve really been trying to give back, whether to the company or the industry itself,” he says. “I always find it satisfying to give without expecting anything in return. I do it because this industry has been incredible for me over these 40 years—and hopefully for 10 to 15 more!”

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