Vincent Hucks, Director of Sales & Operations, McCune

Employee Spotlight: Vincent Hucks, Director of Sales & Event Operations 

How he got his start: Vincent had an unconventional path to the Audio Visual (AV) industry.  He earned a degree in television and film from USC and served as a Chaplain in the U.S. Army. After completing his military service, Vincent embarked on his job search. Reflecting on his initial job prospects, he humorously recalls, “I found that a television job paid $7 an hour and an AV job paid $7.25—and that’s how I got into AV!”

“To be honest, I wasn’t the most qualified person for the job,” Vincent continues, “but I simply outworked everyone else. I was married with three children, and I worked twice as hard.”

While working at a different company, McCune’s Pete Bender recruited him to join the team in 1992, where he stayed through the merger with Shepard in 2017.

Why he loves events: “In my role, I’m in sales, I’m in operations, I’m a general manager—I function in a multifaceted role, so I’m able to see a job from conception to implementation,” Vincent explains. “Watching the look on a client’s face, when a hard set that I designed comes together and they walk in and just go crazy—that’s what I try to do with every event. There’s nothing like it in the world.”

Why he loves working at Shepard: At Shepard, Vincent appreciates the emphasis on people, a value that resonates with his background, including his faith and experience in Bible school and as a chaplain. “You have to be sensitive enough to listen to people, to hear people, and to respond to people. And that is how I feel about McCune, and how I feel about Shepard.”

Vincent recalls that when Shepard purchased McCune, he was told he could pick up the phone and call executive chairman Carl Mitchell anytime. “One day, I wanted to have a meeting at the Monterey Conference Center, a property I’d been pursuing for a couple of years. I knew I needed somebody who believed in that vision—so I called Carl, and he answered. He promptly got on a plane and came out here to attend the meeting.”

For Vincent, there was an overwhelming feeling of ‘Wow, he really cares,’ which echoed the passion and personal stakes Vincent has always put into his own job. “I care too. When we’re not busy, that means my team isn’t able to support their families. I want to do whatever I can to make sure that as a family, we take care of each other.” 

Memorable moment: One memorable moment occurred when Shepard’s acquisition opened new possibilities, prompting Vincent to push boundaries and introduce innovative ideas like rigging. Despite initial skepticism, Vincent’s determination led to groundbreaking achievements. “I remember being at my denominational convention in Anaheim, and they had screens hung everywhere,” he recalls. “So, I walked into Pete’s office and said, ‘Why can’t we do that?’ He said we can’t, and I said, ‘Well, we have to—because I just sold it to the client.’” [Laughs]

“Moments like that stretched all of us,” he adds. “Now, the Monterey Conference Center, even though we’re not in-house there, is really the house that McCune built. Now everybody hangs, everybody rigs—but at the time, that was based on a vision that popped into my head.”

On a personal note, Vincent reflects on a pivotal moment from five years ago when he was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease following a cardiac incident at work. “I stumbled out of my office into the warehouse, and I’ve never seen the team move so fast. Everyone worked to ensure I was safe and receiving the medical attention I needed,” he recalls.

“The fact that I am here today is because of the dedication of the teams in the McCune and Shepard offices,” he continues. “I no longer drive, but every year they pick me up, take me to get a haircut, and accompany me to client meetings. They handle all the heavy lifting, because I am unable to. Surrounding myself with such a great team has made a tremendous difference to me.” 

Where he finds inspiration: Vincent, who plays an impressive 17 instruments, describes himself as a “musician with a job,” shaping his approach to work. “I’ve been a worship leader, directed television programs, and hosted radio broadcasts. All these things come from the creative side of who I am, and fuel what I do every single day.”

His faith and family history deeply influence him. “My father, an Army doctor, died in Vietnam, and my grandfather, an Army chef, passed away returning from the Korean War. We were taught to honor the Hucks name with respect and dignity. My mother insisted on us all attending college to ensure we had options.”

These experiences drive Vincent’s passion, constantly seeking inspiration in everyday encounters. “A trip to the grocery store isn’t just about vegetables for me; I see color and texture. Whether watching baking or cooking shows, I draw inspiration and transition into creation mode.”

How he spends his free time: In addition to spending time with his wife Linda, or celebrating their three daughters, Vincent is a roller skater! “It’s difficult because I’m handicapped now, but I love to skate,” he says. “I’ve been invited to skate in this year’s Fourth of July parade in Monterey, so I’ll be there, hoping I don’t fall!”

The advice he’d give his younger self: “Every time my girls would walk out the door, I’d say, ‘Make wise choices, follow your heart, and respect your name’—because ultimately, that’s all you have,” he says.

“So that’s what I would tell my younger self— who made many unwise choices and didn’t always follow my heart but chased money instead. Now, it’s so unimportant to me. I don’t live by numbers, not even in sales. I live by faith, and I walk by faith.”

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