Yvette Charoo, Vice President of Exhibitor Experience at Shepard

Employee Spotlight: Yvette Charoo, Vice President, Exhibitor Experience 

Yvette Charoo serves as the Vice President of Exhibitor Experience at Shepard. Based in Dallas, she’s been with the company since October 2023.
How she got her start: Yvette’s journey into the event industry began unexpectedly while she was working for a destination management company in Orlando. A friend encouraged her to explore opportunities in events, despite her lack of experience. “It was someone who saw something in me and recommended I apply for the role,” she recalls. “I had zero experience with it—but the rest is history!”

Over the years, Yvette has accumulated experience in exhibitor services and exhibitor experience roles at the top 3 event production companies. She brought her wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Shepard team in October 2023.

Why she loves events: “My love for events is deeply rooted in my love for people, and my passion for helping others be the best versions of themselves,” Yvette explains. “Witnessing the magic that occurs when people gather is truly remarkable, and I feel extremely fortunate to play a role in making this possible.”

Why she loves working at Shepard: “I feel like Shepard complements who I am as a person,” says Yvette, emphasizing what she describes as the “authentic culture” at Shepard. “There’s a strong emphasis on valuing people, fostering respect, building trust, and encouraging continuous learning—and that’s evident across all levels of the organization.”

According to Yvette, these values have enabled her to embrace her true self, vulnerabilities included. She explains, “We operate as a cohesive team, where it’s okay to make mistakes if we learn from them. I feel supported by my colleagues, knowing they have my back and want to see me succeed. It’s empowering to have such a strong support system championing you, and it encourages me to be even more authentic in my interactions with others.”

Memorable moment: Yvette describes herself as still being in the “honeymoon stage” with the company and highlights her best memories as meeting various colleagues within the organization. “Every time I meet someone different—whether they’re in my reporting structure organization or elsewhere—I see driven and passionate individuals,” she notes.

She loves chatting with colleagues about what drives them in their roles (she keeps a journal of their answers!), and often walks away feeling reinvigorated in her own work. “Sometimes, when facing daunting projects, you can feel defeated. But these interactions serve as a reminder: ‘Okay, I’ve got this. I’m not alone, and this work matters.'”

Where she finds inspiration: As for her own drive, she finds it in simple things that remind her of how fortunate she is. “It’s the everyday moments I get to spend with my family, friends, colleagues, and customers,” she reflects. “COVID wasn’t that long ago. Sometimes I ask myself, ‘What if I lost the things I took for granted?’ Consider the things that may seem bothersome now—what if they weren’t there? Now there’s food for thought.”

Yvette also draws inspiration in assisting people through her role as Vice President of Exhibitor Experience. “When exhibitors approach us, it’s because they have a need,” she reflects. “They trust us to provide solutions, and I consider it a privilege to be able to assist them in any way I can. I’m grateful for the opportunity to lend a hand.”

How she spends her free time: On her days off, Yvette enjoys spending time with friends and family, as well as traveling. “I love to experience life through the lens of different cultures, through food, through experiences—through, yes, wine too!” she says with a laugh.

The advice she’d give her younger self: “Be yourself because everyone else is taken. In doing so, embrace today and don’t rush into tomorrow,” she advises. “I joke about the fact that I’m on my 10-year bridge to retirement, and I envy my friends or my family who are already there, but I remind myself that they had to be present in this moment too. It’s about embracing today and not hurrying to tomorrow.”

Another piece of advice? “Anything is possible if you have the courage to make it happen.” 

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