Design Services

We use state of the art tools and techniques to capture your theme, embody your brand, and create attention-grabbing designs.

Design your event with intention.

Crafting a unique visual identity for your event is key to telling your brand’s story. Drawing on our broad range of design expertise, we bring visual continuity to your brand, from concept to structure to graphic design.
Concept Design

Concept Design

Concept design helps to ideate and conceptualize the general vision for your event. Our concept designers are the “idea drivers” for designing a compelling look and feel for your show.

Structure Design

Structure Design

Structure design focuses heavily on the functionality and execution of our clients vision – a crucial step when it comes to turning a concept into reality. Our team of structure designers work to bridge the gap between building a concept efficiently, while maintaining the quality of the design.

Graphic Design

Graphic design is more than just a logo or graphic — it’s a form of communication between your business and event attendees. Our team of graphic designers are especially creative and abundantly experienced to design and produce graphics for all your event needs.

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