Our Not-So-Secret Recipe for Event Planning

Think of your favorite chocolate chip cookie – you know the one. What makes it so perfect every time? The tried and true recipe. You stick to what you know because it works.

And event planning is no different (well maybe a little less chocolatey). At Shepard, we’ve developed a few tricks of the trade. And while every event has its unique “spice” if you will, these fundamentals are essential to every event’s success.

So, ready to dive into our not-so secret recipe? 

Step 1: Game Plan

That’s right, before details come into play and the flair is added, it all starts with proper planning. Why? Well, friends, in our experience, proper planning prevents poor performance.

Investing more time on the front end helps us achieve bigger success on the back end. And at the end of the day, our ultimate goal is to align our strategy with the customer’s needs.

Step 2: Customer First, Always

Shepard events start and end with the customer. By keeping their needs, wants and biggest dreams top of mind, we’ve got their back through every decision.

We strive to understand the customer’s event like it’s our own. This means we’re invested from day one and every event we plan is uniquely crafted. Our clients’ success is our success, and we’re rooting for them every step of the way.

Step 3: Communication is Key

Communication is essential with our clients. Through every step of the planning journey, we stay in contact to make sure all questions are answered and that all parties involved are well aware of status and progress. 

For associations, communication starts with your dedicated account production team, and includes planning meetings and in-person meetings. We are willing to communicate as much as you need to stay informed. We strive to respond to all communications within 24 hours or sooner.

For exhibitors, we provide pre-, during-, and post-show strategies and guidance to ensure they are set up for success. Onsite, we use a range of technologies to communicate, from our eventVoice for show organizers, to our 42*Chat chatbot for show participants. 

Our high level of on-site communication with exhibitors is one way we deliver the industry’s leading customer service experience. We’re here when you need us, but our goal is to make sure we’re one step ahead so you don’t have to ask.

Step 4: Get Creative

Every event presents unique challenges. So, we’ve learned to get creative with our solutions. This means always being prepared and ready to try something new. Need high-impact installs? Oversized graphics? A  unique activation area? A showstopping musical guest? We’ve got you covered. You could say we like to add a little spice in those areas.

Final Thoughts

Our level of investment in every event allows us to truly connect with our clients and understand their motivation. Match that with the creativity of our team and you’ve got a catalyst for serious event success. And that my friends, may be just as sweet as that warm cookie.

Ready to get event planning (maybe after a quick trip to the bakery)? Check out our Event Strategy page to learn more about our planning process, or get in touch with one of our team members today, and we’ll whip up something incredible together.

Shepard is a full-service event production company. We design, develop and manage trade shows, corporate and other events throughout the U.S.