Shepard Extends 42Chat Partner Agreement with Enhancements for 2022

When Shepard and 42Chat first teamed up in 2019 to begin offering AI-powered chatbots for events, no one could have imagined the next three years would unfold the way they did. Now, the need for event attendees to have immediate access to information isn’t just a “nice to have”, it is a “must have”. Being able to reach your audience immediately makes Chatbots the perfect solution for your risk management communications plan.

Chatbots have become an incredibly useful resource for the events industry. Bots can extend the bandwidth of your customer service team by answering questions with a 95% correct response rate. When compared to event apps they provide a year round communication tool at a fraction of the cost.

Attendees love the ability to interact with “show personnel” on their own terms, and get instant access to event information 24/7. This year, Shepard will be bundling the ExhibitorBot, along with the AttendeeBot option. By delivering two chatbots to serve the needs of attendees and exhibitors, Shepard offers customers complete service for their event at a reduced package rate.

“We know show organizers have their hands full, the more resources we can offer our customers the better,” says Cory Smith, Vice President of Strategic Services at Shepard. The real time delivery of information allows organizers to provide exceptional customer service around the clock, which is extremely valuable during the planning process. “By delivering show information via text, that message has a 98% open rate. We love freeing up Show Organizers to focus on more important needs and giving them the confidence that their updates and messages are read” says Chuck Elias, co-founder of 42Chat. 

“Our customers are thrilled with their event performance analytics when it comes to communication,” notes Bob Caldwell, co-founder of 42Chat. “By adding the ExhibitorBot to our offerings with Shepard, Show Organizers will also be able to provide their exhibitors with 24/7 support as they ramp up for their event.” 

The ExhibitorBot is designed to address the questions and needs regarding booth set up and show site logistics. The service manual can be a daunting document to navigate because of the volume of information in the kit, the ExhibitorBot makes it easy to find specific information quickly. For example, the shipping address to the advance warehouse can be shared in a matter of seconds. 

“Giving show organizers access to this state of the art technology, knowing it will make their lives and their customer’s lives easier is a good feeling,” states Smith. “The 42Chat partnership really showcases the goals of building this network for our customers; by leaning on our relationships with the true experts in the industry, we are able to offer our customers world-class solutions to enhance their experience and operate their events more efficiently. At the end of the day, nothing else makes us more proud than when our customers succeed.”  

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