Introducing BrandView by Shepard

Introducing BrandView: Shepard’s New Interactive Sponsorship & Branding Platform

ATLANTA, GA – Shepard, an industry-leading event production provider, introduces BrandView, the latest advancement in their technology suite aimed at supporting customers in the planning and management of their event’s sponsorship and branding opportunities. Built to meet the evolving customer needs, BrandView offers an interactive experience, simplifying the process of envisioning and planning where these opportunities reside within venues across the country.

Transitioning from the previous sponsorship program, Shepard’s new technology empowers organizers to explore branding opportunities with enhanced navigation and accessibility.

Key BrandView features include:

  • Access to a comprehensive library of event venues
  • Precise measurements for optimizing branding opportunities
  • Detailed floor plans and venue analytics
  • Enhanced sponsorship revenue streams beyond booth spaces
  • Mobile-friendly interface for convenience

Beyond the standard functionalities, BrandView offers premium upgrades to include customized features. With options for event-specific branding, integration of tailored sponsorship offerings, e-commerce functionality, and immersive 360-degree virtual floor plan tours, show organizers can effortlessly scale their sponsorship programs with flexibility and agility to achieve desired outcomes.

Screenshot of BrandView, Shepard's sponsorship program
Screenshot of BrandView, an online app by Shepard that allows potential sponsors to find branding opportunities across venues

Shepard anticipates the positive impact BrandView will have on sponsorship programs, empowering organizers to better serve their customers’ needs.  

For inquiries or to request a personalized demonstration, please contact the Shepard sales team at [email protected].

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