Shepard partners with Snöball

Shepard Enhances Solutions Network with Snöball to Amplify Event Marketing Reach

ATLANTA, GA – Shepard, a prominent event production provider, is pleased to announce its recent collaboration with Snöball, an innovative event marketing platform. Snöball utilizes social media to extend event reach, engagement, and attendance. The platform enables event organizers to create compelling content for social media platforms, such as graphics, videos, and messages. Participants are encouraged to share this content with their social networks, broadening the event’s reach to a wider audience. Through social sharing, participants generate excitement around the event, increasing awareness and attracting more attendees. Snöball also provides analytics to track the performance of social media campaigns, allowing organizers to assess the effectiveness of their marketing efforts and refine strategies for future events.

Snöball’s comprehensive, fully managed solution empowers event attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors to become active promoters, leveraging authentic, organic growth through word-of-mouth referrals. Their personalized digital marketing toolkits drive conversions and foster meaningful conversations, delivering exceptional ROI compared to traditional marketing methods.

With a focus on innovation and performance enhancement, Snöball adds substantial value to event marketers seeking to optimize their strategies. By integrating Snöball’s innovative approach with Shepard’s extensive suite of event services, the collaboration ensures heightened attendee and member engagement, enabling events to resonate with a broader audience.

“We are very excited about our new relationship with Snöball,” says Cory Smith, Vice President of Strategic Services at Shepard. “By integrating Snöball into our Solutions Network, we aim to bolster attendance growth—a crucial need for many of our clients and one of the key capabilities Snöball brings to the table. This integration will not only facilitate the creation of user-generated content but also extend impact beyond the event, enhance attendee engagement, and elevate brand awareness”.

Rachel Stephan, founder and CEO of Snöball, expresses equal enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Shepard. Their commitment to strategic customer support and event growth aligns seamlessly with our mission to enhance event marketing through genuine, people-led promotion.”

About Shepard

Shepard is a nationwide event production company with a rich legacy dating back to 1905. Specializing in corporate events, trade shows, conferences, and exhibits, Shepard is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and fostering connections through innovative event solutions. With a comprehensive suite of services and employee-ownership model, Shepard is a trusted leader in producing memorable event experiences.

About Snöball

Snöball is a word-of-mouth marketing & audience growth solution that mobilizes your event’s existing audience into becoming influential promoters in referring the right audience to your event. Uniquely offering peer-to-peer referrals across thirteen social networks to amplify your content reach, and grow your audience, with one-off event or annual solutions. With limited time and resources on your hands, Snöball’s event marketing experts fully manage and run personalized referral marketing campaigns for you. To learn more about Snöball, please visit

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