Bear Analytics / NBMBAA Success Story

Shepard partner Bear Analytics provides event intelligence to enable more data-driven results for event and meeting organizers. Bear Analytics worked with Shepard to assist The National Black MBA Association (NBMBAA), a non-profit with professional chapters, collegiate chapters and youth mentor programs that serves thousands of professionals and students by providing educational opportunities and economic growth for African-Americans across the country. The association hosts local chapter events as well as an annual conference and exhibition to bring together its national membership.

NBMBAA lacked insight into its various and disparate event data collection technologies across event registration, exhibition sales and sponsorship, and membership. They needed a single source for measuring and reporting of this data to provide actionable insights that could inform strategy and planning in real time.

By understanding their attendee registration behaviors and demographics, NBMBAA could increase the effectiveness of their marketing and adjust their messaging during campaign cycles and, more specifically, for their marketing partners. They could also use insights into exhibition sales to help return event-related revenue back to pre-pandemic levels.

To meet the challenge, Bear Analytics connected NBMBAA’s 3rd-party event technology vendors to create a live stream of registration, membership, and exhibitor sales data into a single platform, Bear IQ. From the beginning, Bear Analytics and NBMBAA collaborated on internal goals and direction for NBMBAA and how Bear IQ could drive accurate insights, empowering decision-making across multiple departments.

Through Bear IQ, Bear Analytics was able to connect the entire NBMBAA leadership team with a live view into information directly at the source that was directly impacting every department.

For the first time, NBMBAA was able to identify quantitative characteristics about its audience and how they behave leading into the event. As a result, NBMBAA’s marketing and sales teams were able to use the trusted real-time data in Bear IQ to take action and refocus strategies to meet their goals in a measured way. By accessing data for the 2022 conference for the very first time, NBMBAA can now use that information to better understand their audience and inform better decision making for the 2023 event, including targeting specific under-represented or under-served groups for the event.

Without access to these actionable insights, NBMBAA would be experiencing a lost opportunity cost when it comes to recovering revenue and serving its members. To learn more about Bear Analytics and the Bear IQ platform, be sure to visit their website at

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