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Setting the table for the Italian Trade Commission

The Italian Trade Commission’s partnership with Shepard began with us as the general contractor on a trade show they were participating in. But they needed help on the creative and logistics side, so we proposed a full-service plan.

We produced a large-scale pavilion featuring over 50+ exhibitors in a short time frame at the right price. In a sense, we did what a great restaurant would do to accommodate a fabulous group of guests in a pinch. We called all hands on deck.

Show management connected the team at the ITC with Shepard, who explained the opportunity. Through an accelerated discovery process, Shepard quickly presented a proposal with an innovative and comprehensive solution that met the needs of the organizer and enabled 50+ exhibitors the opportunity to seamlessly showcase their products to the 15,000+ attendees.

The result: perfezione!

Italian Trade Commission show


Italian Trade Commission


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