Be In the Know Now with Next-Gen Event Tech Capabilities

While the events industry is poised to make a comeback, we know it will be different than pre-Covid times no matter what. Perhaps a silver lining of in-person events being sidelined is the recent (and rapid) evolution of event technology that enables remote participation for attendees AND exhibitors beyond the confines of a Zoom call. In this article, we’ll examine the most viable and executable of those trends, as well as show how Shepard can help you achieve success in 2022 and beyond.

Draw a more diverse audience

By marketing and executing a remote attendance option, you create opportunities to expand your attendee database as you have the ability to reach a wider, more diverse audience than you might with a strictly in-person event. By opting to create a remote experience for attendees who may not otherwise be able to attend, you also extend added value to your customers by increasing the number of potential leads they can cultivate. For exhibitors, Shepard’s Popshap partnership places kiosks in booths that exhibitors cannot fill in person and it offers two-way capabilities to talk to a live person as well as view product videos and other branded digital content.

Tracking Data

With every sign-up, opt-in, and registration, comes the opportunity to collect data for your client, which in turn can be leveraged to develop products and services that set you apart from the competition. Beginning with Shepard’s Experience Design team, we take on a collaborative approach to creating the right experiences to effectively engage your audience with our unique event technology capabilities. The process includes critical timelines, and financial planning, and forecasting.


By offering a remote option as a component to an in-person event, you can increase the value of attending and exhibiting for a fraction of the cost. This works particularly well when you have a bonus offer or exclusive feature as part of your virtual event offerings. If you’re producing a keynote breakfast, perhaps you create a “backstage” experience, with a Q&A just for virtual pass holders.


Being able to grow your audience with a remote aspect allows you to scale up and plan future events with more actionable insights than previously. Don’t forget about the power of data – the proof is in plain sight when it comes to identifying emerging categories and cultivating leads. With Shepard’s Strategy + Sponsorship team, you’ll be able to leverage exposure opportunities with these new segments to create a growth model that will add to your bottom line.


Let’s be honest, while the rise of in-person events has proven to be safe, there will inevitably be a portion of people who won’t be able to travel or who will prefer to participate in your event from afar. By offering them a way to engage and connect with Shepard’s even technologically savvy offerings, you become a trusted partner to your attendees and exhibitors, alike.

For all your event needs, Shepard is the perfect fit. Shepard is the 3rd largest general service contractor in the industry. We offer customers the best of both worlds – you get big-company capabilities delivered by people who care. Contact our sales team today to set up a time to visit us at IAEE’s Expo! Expo! this December, booth #738.

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