Elevate your event game with Shepard Exhibits

4 Ways Shepard’s Versatile Exhibits Team Elevates Your Event Game 

Creating an engaging event exhibit is a blend of creativity and organizational finesse. It involves the collective efforts of various individuals to transform an idea into reality on the event floor. 

At Shepard, we encourage our clients to lean on the expertise and ingenuity of our Exhibits team, a 15-member powerhouse with 200 years of combined event experience, to explore what’s possible within their budget, then build it. 

Think of the Exhibits team as an extension of your team. They’re a diverse ensemble of sales professionals who understand your brand and business goals, creative problem solvers who craft engaging experiences, and logistics pros who handle back-end intricacies to ensure a seamless event flow. 

Read on as we shine a light on these unsung exhibitor heroes, and their potential to help elevate your event game. 

The Exhibits Team Offers Tailored Support for All Sizes and Budgets.

Given the notable successes some of our exhibitor clients have had at recent events like like ASUG’s Annual User Conference – an event widely recognized for its significant impact and industry engagement in 2023 – you might get the impression that the Exhibits team only supports high profile, big budget events. 

While big events are a blast to work on, the Exhibits team loves supporting exhibitors looking to maximize the impact on all booth sizes.  

Whether it’s a first-time exhibitor who has made the investment in a 100 sf. booth space and has a budget of less than $5,000 to furnish it, or it’s the seasoned exhibitor that has grown into an 8,000 sf. space and a million dollar budget to work with, our goal is always the same – to facilitate a positive, memorable brand experience for our customers. 

Take the booth we co-designed with WhiteWater for their presence at the World Waterpark Association’s Annual Symposium and Tradeshow.  

WhiteWater needed to slim down their space from previous years without compromising on attendee experience. The team suggested a double-deck booth. To our shared delight, WhiteWater scored “Best of Show” that year. 

WhiteWater exhibit design
The Shepard Exhibits team’s double-decker booth design won WhiteWater Best of Show at World Waterpark Association’s Annual Symposium and Tradeshow

The Exhibits Team Acts as an Extension of Your Booth Sales Team 

Our Exhibits team goes beyond booth design. We partner with associations for success. Interwire 2023 comes to mind as a great example of this approach. On this event, the sales team proactively divided the floorplan, reaching out to each exhibitor to offer assistance and answer any questions they had about exhibiting.  

Director of Sales, Exhibits, Cynthia Flores recalls, “We also provided VIP support to exhibitors highlighted by the Association, helping to educate these exhibitors on how to maximize their impact on the event floor. The association had peace of mind leading up to their event, knowing that these special exhibitors had someone on the Shepard team to lean on.” 

Collaboration was key. The result? A showcase that exceeded all expectations—a big win for exhibitors and organizers alike. 

The Exhibits Team Is Collaborative by Nature 

At Shepard, collaboration starts from within. It requires multiple departments to transform an exhibitor’s vision into reality. Our designers translate ideas onto paper, enabling clients to envision the possibilities. The operations teams then execute the plan, maintaining clear communication throughout the process. Bringing an idea to life on the event floor truly requires a collective effort from all team members. 

Rendering and actual booth design of KLDiscovery’s booth at LegalWeek 2024

The high level of collaboration our Exhibits team brings to every association and exhibitor we work with stems from Shepard’s Blue Diamond Customer Service standard. The service standard is implemented company-wide, not just for outward-facing personnel, and goes beyond what you think of when you think ‘customer service’. 

As Steve Margos, Shepard’s Chief Operating Officer, says, “Blue Diamond is the way associates engage with one another, how internal departments synergize, how we foster productive relationships with our industry partners, and more.” Read more about Steve’s reflections on Sherpard’s culture of service here.  

The Logistics Pros Behind the Scenes Deserve Credit Too 

The creative flourishes and ‘surprise and delight’ moments are often what you hear folks buzzing about after a successful event, but we want to take a moment to show some love to the people sweating the logistics behind the scenes. Without them nothing is possible. 

This team knows event logistics inside out—from massive productions like MAGIC and Printing United, to smaller events with intricate details. We’ve seen it all and are there to help exhibitors work through potentially stressful onsite hiccups without breaking a sweat. 

First-time exhibitors flying solo often find themselves running afoul of rules and regulations, which vary from venue to venue. Some events follow IAEE guidelines, others do not. Labor requirements can also vary depending on labor agreements between venues and local labor unions. 

With boots-on-the-ground expertise on convention centers nationwide, we understand each space’s unique rulebook. When you partner with Shepard’s Exhibits team, you can rest assured that your exhibits will comply with venue regulations while ensuring an engaging experience for attendees. 

Final Thoughts 

Shepard’s Exhibits team is more than just booth designers — we are dedicated partners committed to making your event presence a worthwhile brand-building investment.  

We invite you to lean on our expertise at your next event. Together, we’re an unstoppable force ready to take your event game to the next level! 

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