Hey Siri, Why is Shepard Such a Great Place to Work?

Finding a job that knocks those recent college grad socks off is no easy task. And the same can be said when making a big career move. From comprehensive benefits packages to corporate culture, work/life balance and opportunities for growth, there’s no doubt job seekers need to pull up a chair and seriously research the ins and outs of the companies they’re applying to. After all, you’re choosing them as much as they’re choosing you, so take the time to find companies that are just as impressive. Speaking of, let’s chat about life at Shepard. 

Business first. We are a full-service event production company with over 100 years of experience. With offices across the country, and a culture that values hard work, communication, and kindness, Shepard is more committed than ever to keeping employees motivated. Here’s the inside scoop.  


The triumphant return to in-person events has created many opportunities to join the Shepard team, with numerous remote/hybrid positions available. Check out some of the reasons why you could love working at Shepard below.  

Employee Ownership 

If this is a new concept, don’t fret. Employee Stock Ownership Programs (ESOP) means each employee has a financial stake in the company. And when the company does well, you reap big rewards. Pretty cool, right?  

Fitness for Days 

With flexible wellness reimbursement benefits, employees can make exercise a top priority without breaking the bank. Shepard’s Wellness Reimbursement program puts money back in your pocket for gym memberships or workout classes each month. Now, that’s something worth jumping for joy over. Some may even say it’s worth doing burpees for. 

Flexible Work  

Many positions at Shepard are tailored for remote/hybrid work – something sitting at the top of many job seekers’ wish lists when it comes to work/life balance. Speaking of wish lists, if traveling is of interest, Shepard has a variety positions which allow you to work and experience events across the country. 

Inclusive Culture 
Shepard is committed to creating a diverse workplace where everyone is treated with respect and dignity. Our workplace champions equality, values different backgrounds and embraces diverse perspectives.  

Promoting from Within 

A large majority of staff have been with Shepard for 10-20 years. Amber Singleton, Director of Customer Service, who has been with the company for 10 years says, “You have the opportunity to drive your career in the direction you want it to go with Shepard.” 

“I started as a temp,” explains Singleton. “I came in and I was doing grunt work, but I was just happy to be a part of this industry.” Singleton says it was her own experience as an exhibitor that helped her understand how to better serve our customers and grow with the company.  

Jessica Dominguez, Director of Customer Service, notes that cross-functional experience makes teamwork exponentially easier. “When you can put yourself in someone’s shoes because you literally have done their job before, you approach the situation with empathy and understanding, and that’s what we need more of in the workplace, right?”   

Committed to Giving Back 

For more than 100 years, Shepard has operated on a culture of service. Shepard GO (Giving Outwardly) is our philanthropic program that is rapidly expanding as we meet and work with incredible folks around the country.  

Benefits for Days  

In case you’re not already searching for the Apply Now button, here are a few additional benefits Shepard offers:  

  • a floating holiday,  
  • education reimbursement 
  • generous paid time off 
  • 401k matching 
  • Health Insurance (Medical, Dental, Vision) 
  • Pet Insurance 
  • Short Term/ Long Term Disability Insurance  
  • Employee Assistance Program   

And let’s not forget about Nectar, our peer-to-peer employee appreciation program. With a balance of points each month, employees can gift one another points that accumulate to gift cards for major retailers and places to eat. So, when your coworker rocks her presentation, you can send her some points as a nice little shout out. 

Think You’d Be a Great Fit? 

Shepard’s ideal candidates are simply good, hardworking humans. They are problem solvers, professionals, great communicators and have the collaborative personality to round it all out. Sure, an understanding of in-person events and production is helpful, but not necessary. “We’re looking for creative people who can see the big picture and honor our customers at every step of the way. It’s the willingness to show up and be your best self every day that makes Shepard such a unique and rewarding place to work.”, Kevin Bird, Executive Vice President.  

When you’re ready, Shepard is here for you. Check out our openings when you’ve had a chance to calm down from the excitement of what life at Shepard looks like.  

Shepard is a full-service event production company. We design, develop and manage trade shows, corporate and other events throughout the U.S.