Frank Villamar

Frank Villamar is a highly experienced expert in the field with a proven track record of success in the financial and accounting sectors.
Following the attainment of his first master’s degree in accounting from Florida State University, Frank embarked on a career marked by notable achievements in both accounting and startup ventures. In 2007, he furthered his education by earning a second Master’s degree from Emory University.
His professional journey has seen him assume various pivotal roles, including Controller, Senior Director of Finance, and VP of Finance. Frank’s extensive experience led him to serve as the Chief Financial Officer at Turnberry Innovations before taking on the role of Chief Financial Officer at Shepard, where he dedicated 6+ years to the organization and exhibited expertise in Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOP). Presently, he continues to excel in his role as the Chief Financial Officer at Miller Zell.
Frank Villamar, Shepard Board of Directors

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