Sarah Aivaz

Senior Vice President, Business Solutions

Sarah Aivaz, CEM, leverages over 18 years of event services industry expertise in her role as Shepard’s Senior Vice President of Business Solutions. In her current capacity, she spearheads the development and execution of the company’s comprehensive technology strategy and digital transformation initiatives, seamlessly aligning them with Shepard’s overarching business objective. Sarah’s extensive experience, and deep understanding of industry intricacies uniquely position her to drive Shepard’s technology advancements forward, enhancing the experience for both our valued customers and dedicated associates. 
Her distinguished career has seen her occupying diverse roles within the industry, beginning as an Account Executive in event production, providing her with invaluable insights for her current role.  With a well-demonstrated track record of promoting innovation and facilitating transformative change through technology, Aivaz assumes a strategic leadership position to elevate the forward-looking path of Shepard’s business solutions. 
Sarah Aivaz, SVP, Business Solutions

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